• Dan Larson

    Talent Sourcer | Social Media Specialist | Internet Marketer
    Talent Sourcer @ entero LLC

  • entero is a specialized Finance & Information Technology staffing and recruiting firm that was founded in Minneapolis, MN in 2006. We are an A+ rated BBB business built on the guiding principle of delivering value with values to our clients. We are a team of accountable, wholehearted people who value long term client relationships.

    We have built a national practice of loyal client partnerships that have rewarded us with triple digit revenue growth in 2013 and 2014. We are incredibly grateful and humbled by this success. It fuels our fire to continually improve our ability to serve and deliver for our clients.

    entero is a team of top producers with extensive staffing and recruiting experience. Our Lead Talent Sourcer Researcher is recognized as a top 10 Talent Sourcer in the world. He became a leading expert at a firm with 10,000 recruiters and has trained recruiting teams across the globe.

    entero has a powerful combination of recruiting and talent sourcing expertise. Our Recruiters are highly skilled communicators with depth of discernment and proven expertise in candidate selection. Our Talent Sourcing Professionals have a detailed understanding of social networks, web 2.0, newsgroups, blogs etc. and extensive depth of knowledge and experience mining these channels. Our sourcing expertise has increased the pool of available talent enabling the entero team to source and recruit anyone in the world for our clients.

    When clients partner with entero, they benefit from our long term relationship focus as well as our vast experience and networks, the power of our candidate database, a powerful social media presence and a cache of the most advanced recruiting tools in the world. This combination of world class talent and tools blended into our lightning fast paced entrepreneurial culture has dramatically reduced the time to fill key positions and demonstrably differentiated entero.

  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.



    entero LLC

    Talent Sourcing Researcher
    Boolean | Research Sourcing | Social Recruiting | Employer Branding | Candidate Engagement | Recruitment Strategy

    ◘ Utilizes deep web search engines.
    ◘ Utilizes social search aggregators.
    ◘ Complex Boolean logic searches.
    ◘ Responsible for all research/data mining/sourcing activities.
    ◘ Creating Boolean strings to generate list of candidates for recruitment teams.
    ◘ Researching the web for directories and contact lists of passive candidates.
    ◘ Develop a training development program for the recruitment teams.
    ◘ Course Research: AIRS, SocialTalent, BooleanStrings classes.
    ◘ Social recruiting campaign strategies.
    ◘ Creating employer branding marketing campaigns.
    ◘ Sourcing information technology, finance, engineering, & healthcare professionals.
    ◘ Contribute in the development and delivery of sourcing support and solutions for the team.
    ◘ Provide best practice to team on sourcing strategies, sourcing tools and sourcing technologies.
    ◘ Research new technologies and train co-workers

    entero LLC

    Recruiting and Sourcing Intern 
    – Present
    Administrative duties
    ○ Kept detailed records of all job applicants, contacts and positions up to date.
    ○ Resume parsing
    ○ Bullhorn database cleanup, data-entry
    ○ Reached out to candidates via email
    ○ Researched recruiting tools and setup demos

    Sourcing / Recruiting
    ○ Learned and implemented this talent management discipline. Focused on the
    identification, assessment and engagement of skilled worker candidates through
    proactive recruiting techniques.
    ○ Used Boolean logic and operators on major search engine sites to identify potential
    candidates who might meet the criteria of the position to be filled based on targeted keywords.
    ○ Searched for candidates in job board resume databases using keywords related to the position requirements.
    ○ Networked with individuals to uncover candidates including the use of social networking tools, job fairs and sites such as LinkedIn.

    Social Media
    ○ Social Media Marketing: optimized, maintained, monitored and lead the platforms and any
    marketing strategies carried out in them: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+
    ○ Content creation and management: content marketing.
    ○ Interaction with users: community engagement.
    ○ Monitoring: online media, information sources and social channels.
    ○ Keyword optimization and improvement in SEO/SEM
    ○ Online branding: searching, identifying and improving all brand-related aspects in social


    Created a networking tool to engage with students on a national level.

    ○ Project planning, site definition
    ○ Information architecture
    ○ Site design/construction: front end (HTML, CSS)
    ○ Site marketing & research
    ○ Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance